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A Little Talk

I met up with my classmate tonight, talking about the writing life and things related to it. After talking to her, it was better than calling Befrienders or visiting the Counselling unit. I got everything worked out just by talking to her.

This is amazing.

After 2 weeks of being in the dumpster, thinking how miserable life is, contemplating suicide and telling myself how bad life is and that there is not hope. After countless hours trying to dream my life away, sleeping and sleeping and sleeping… my mojo is back!!!

That bastard tried to take money from me before starting work. He’ll take my money and run!! I can guarantee you that will happen. He kept cutting working days. Then working hours. It was bound to happen. At least I was smart enough to try and pay him by the hour.

Why should I even care about the bastard any more.

I am moving on!!!

Yes… I had all my hopes that as a team, we could do wonders.

But being a one man band isn’t that bad after all.

I just have to keep hoping and THINK POSITIVE.


did I mention I have to put in some work???

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