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I Can Feel the Force

Dearest beloved readers wherever you are,

I am very much pleased to announce that this blog will be updated daily. I am still trying to piece together this website consisting of various things like my YA stuff, author page, writing tips, book reviews, social media links and all the exciting things I love including music and movies. If I have the time, I will blog about current news and what I am passionate about, especially news about Apple, Malaysia, the environment and things Korean and American.

Please excuse my links which aren’t fully functional yet. So please do not explore the website at this moment. I hope that I can fill this up to the brim with all the links working by the time my semester break hits. That will be in the month of May. My official launch date is my birthday. June 19th.

It is week 9 of my semester 1 in Taylor’s. So far, I’m loving the assignments, the lectures and most of all, the people and lecturers that I’ve come to love as friends, male or female. Working by myself and not having any contact with human beings for the past 3-4 years have made me into a rather anti-social person. When Mr. Teoh started working with me a year or 2 back,  I figured that I function best when I get to interact with people and not just the computer. Yes, I see the Starbucks barista or the security guards in my condo. But that doesn’t count. I go to the Taylor’s University graduate resource room to work at night in hopes that I will be able to work with someone there. But I still find myself alone. I guess it isn’t a bad thing.

I started a writer’s group on Meetup right after coming back from Canada, and while I was working with Mr. Teoh as my intern, I met DW. She shared a lot of her past with me, and we worked on a poetry project. But it didn’t end well, making us total strangers again. I did learn one thing from this. That attraction can happen when you start giving a part of yourself to another. You see…there was this feeling of longing to be with the person. I am not talking about biological functions like mating, but a longing to see the person when she is not around. I, of course, kept my cool and held back the feelings because I sensed that something was not right. Awhile back, I went for a Catholic camp and the speaker told us that he did not want to work with females too much. I understand where he is coming from. I do understand perfectly. There is this attachment that happens when two people of different genders work together closely. Like how Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie ended up together. A lot of actors end up together because of their movie projects. I do understand why. The Meetup group eventually died a natural death as I didn’t want to pay for the admin fees any more.

There is a mystery going on in which I do not wish to elaborate. I do see signs and wish that I am not psychotic. That I am sane, rational and totally in touch with reality. But something tells me otherwise. I continue to hope and live each and every single moment in the present, knowing that God’s timing is always perfect. That whatever mystery it is out there is just going to be clear one day. I will not wait for that to happen. I am living in the moment, that is the now.

It is my wish that I will be sharing more about life, studies, work, God and all the wonderful things that make up a good read.

If you do fall asleep, I guess I make a good sleeping pill.

God Bless.

p.s. If there are any grammar mistakes, please excuse me. I am still working on it. Thanks for your understanding.

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