The Jungle Book (2016) Review

Everybody would probably remember the Jungle Book made by Disney. Or rather not. For me, I watched it as a kid when I couldn’t remember anything I saw on the TV or movie screen. Whoever is in this category probably will enjoy this movie more. Why is that so? That’s because I feel that we are getting a fresh experience and take of the movie with no preconception. That ruined my Star Wars Episode 7 experience.

As most of you know, Disney has been remaking the classics from animation to what they call live acti0n movies. We had Maleficient and Cinderella made. This time around, it is the Jungle Book.

What is most impressive in this movie is the CGI and technology that exists today have made the experience so real, you feel that the animals are life like and that they really do talk. Kids would probably be talking to their pets and wish that they’d be able to talk back. So parents would probably have a hard time explaining to them the reality of things. But I guess that isn’t really that serious a matter.

Let’s get down to business.

Jungle Book is the tale of a journey taken by Mowgli to go back to his own kind. He was raised by a pack of wolves and when his life is being threatened by the tiger, Shere Khan, he has no choice but to travel back to his human family. How was the movie??? In ways, the movie imparts wisdom to the young about perseverence and about belonging. The dialogue is engaging and moving in ways that I believe only adults would understand. This is to say that Disney movies always have things that adults would enjoy together with the kids. Even though the kids would not really understand it, I feel that it has a good impression on the subconscious and that kids will get the messages subliminally.

Like every other Disney movie, you have got to love it and I will give the movie a 10 out of 10.


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