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Living with the Apple Watch

I love the Apple Watch. That goes for every single Apple fan out there. Of course, every single one of us will have our frustrations and disappointments. But I guess, we just have to learn to live with the bad and appreciate the good even more.

It’s been a year since I bought the Apple Watch. The 1st day was hell. I found the Watch having loading problems and till this day, my day countdown still does not work. But I was clever enough to know how to fix the problem. The solution is to open the app on your iPhone before opening the app on the Watch. Defeats the purpose. But that is just how it works.

So far, the cheapest Watch of the lot has made working a joy. I get notifications from Whatsapp, Messages app and UP app. My Watch alerts me when to take breaks and stand up when I have sat for too long a period. It tracks my steps and helps me with timekeeping. DUH! The calendar also helps me with tracking my events of the day. I can’t forget the alarms that I set to eat and sleep.

The Apple Watch has been adding different types of bands that make it so exciting to be able to just change them to make the watch a new one again. After a year, I bought a new Royal Blue Nylon band that just launched a few weeks ago from the online Apple Store. I’m loving it, thought it would be nice if the band was a little broader.

Why do I say that I am frustrated at times? It’s because the apps are still really buggy. So, in order to keep my cool and not feel that way, I just don’t use them that much. That’s the only solution as I can’t possibly fix the bugs myself…

The Apple Watch is a key tool in my productivity and time management. Today, I can’t live without it.

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