Brain stressed

Week 10 OTW

I’ve been absent from this blog for the past few days and I have a good reason for it. I’m rushing assignments. Nothing other than assignments. It’s just something I have to do well. Or else, I won’t be getting good grades for this course.

This week is Week 10. Another 3 more weeks and semester 1 will be over. It didn’t seem like such a long 10 weeks. Just zipped by so fast, I barely had any time to do any thing else other than assignments. For as long as I can remember, 90% of the time I was doing my assignments.

Today is Sunday. I am still working at 2AM in the morning, trying to finish up an assignment draft for my Research Meth0dology subject. It’s not like it is torture. I love the work. I truly do. If you have some kind of device to see my heart, you’d see it how happy I am doing my work.

I got to do real work now.


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