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Final Push

Today is the last class of Research Methodology. Our final assignment deadline is next Friday. Coupled with the Advanced Research Methodology last assignment the following Monday, this will end my semester 1 in Taylor’s.

What is most crucial and nerve wrecking is that the last assignment carries 40 percent of our marks. The rest were just half of this. So we have to do whatever we can do to get as many marks as we can. That is so we can move on to the next semester without having to repeat our subjects.

This is my plan:

Give myself one week to finish up the work. Seven days to conclude this semester 1 assignments for me. So that I can put my energy into other stuff. There is a whole bunch of things to do for Project 4ever. So I have to make haste to get all the work done and move on!

This operation will be named Op Suntuk (Malay: Little time).

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