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Op 48

I am now in the 24/7 Study Room of Taylor’s University. My intention is to finish up all the work before I head home. That means staying on campus until 10 PM tonight. It is 3:49 AM in the morning. I don’t feel any forms of fatigue at the moment.

I have emailed and Whatsapped my professors to get input as to how I should proceed with my assignments. The replies won’t be coming in till 9 AM tomorrow. So I have some time to work on this blog post and do some reading.

10 AM today, I have a counseling session that runs for an hour. I’m scheduling the sessions to be weekly. Miss Nithya, who is my counselor, is making sure that I stay on track with my goals. She said she doesn’t make the decisions, and everything is up to me to do. I guess she is just trying to tell me that if I fail, it is not her fault.

By 11 AM, I am heading to the gym. Put in the steps and finish up the 10,000 steps before 12 PM.

12 PM Have lunch and head to the library. That is just under 9 hours of work at the library. I’m going finish up the RM assignment.

I’m getting home at 10 PM and putting in 12 hours of sleep.

On Thursday, when I wake up, it’s going to be 10 AM. Drive to university and continue the fight. I’m expecting to see my professor from 2 PM to 6 PM this day. Hopefully, I get some feedback that will help me get the grade I desire.

On Friday, a group of 4 of us are heading to watch Captain America.

On Saturday, finish up the ACT assignment in 18 hours. Send it in by Monday for evaluation.

On Sunday, I can take a break.

On Monday, the craziness starts again. All work should be done by Tuesday and I can work on project 4ever and an idea that 5 of us classmates are joining forces to work out. Stay tuned.

Op48 is for me to stay awake for 48 hours straight.

Now I think, it just means finishing work by Saturday night.

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