OpMorgan Year 1 Day 19

Last night, I came in contact with evangelists. They were very nice and good people that think of my salvation. To try and recruit me and join their church so that I can be saved. These people are a blessing to us all and I admire their courage to go out and save as many people as they can. I still have my own beliefs and though it may seem that I haven’t been saved, I do pray that I will continue to be a force for good. That I too will somehow do something like them, to make the world a better place.

I am crazy. The delusions have returned watching Jimmy Fallon. I think I have been through hell the past few weeks, that somehow my brain has activated its ability to try and make me feel a lot better. My situation is so bad, that my brain has created things that seem real to me. I hear guests talking about me and giving me messages. But I do know what is real and what is not. It put me on meds 16 years ago, when watching David Letterman. It is happening again. I stopped watching Jimmy Fallon for a few months now because I fear I’d hear things related to me. Last Saturday, I turned on Jimmy Fallon and the messages were more real than ever.

I have work to do and if I need to get my brain put it into overdrive, I just have to turn on Jimmy Fallon. If the messages are still there, it will kick my brain into that state.

I know what is real and what is not. Even if it is real, it doesn’t mean a thing. Other than the fact that I am a joke.

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