Op Morgan Year 1 Day 20


After 12+ hours of sleep, dreaming of a MacBook that was falling apart and Mr. Choot was in it too, I finally got up. Today, I remembered to have lunch and was offered a Red Velvet cake. That turned out to cost me a bomb. Never again.

I am beginning my work with this post as warm up.

The Taylor’s Book Club event is taking place on October the 22nd. About 16 days left till the event. I am doing a lot of things for launch. Of course, I’ll keep everything a secret until that day. Nobody knows what is going to happen. That is the awesome part. Nobody knows. Skin has been flaking like mad after doing some planning during lunch. I think it is a good sign. At least I know I am pushing myself.



Still trying to keep myself calm enough that I don’t panic and go amok, like the Home Alone kid.

Mindfulness. Breathe Neo. Breathe!!!


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