Op Morgan Year 1 Day 22

I have got to prioritize as there is too much to do for the next 15 days before the Book Club event. Prepping the basics for 2 launches and 1 preview. BFF has said that he cannot make it. But that’s fine. He has work and I can’t ask too much from him. But he better owe me.

I have worked 18 hours yesterday and continue to stay on course to do so for the whole of this month. I am very happy with my progress and think that if I continue on this streak, I can possibly move mountains.

On Thursday, everywhere I looked was an attractive woman. I have got to keep my defenses and walls as high as I can. I don’t know what am I waiting for. My next life maybe. When I am not a writer living a lonely and reclusive life. Mom was mad when I said I am not going to see anyone but work. Sorry mom. I am just doing it for my own good. Too busy to be in a relationsip. Too busy to think about anything related to females.

Not going to chase money or girls from now on.

I’m done.

Day 23 12:25AM Update

I did everything on the to do list yesterday and didn’t pile anything else on it. So I had quite some free time. I barely know what I did, other than tweet, go walk around. Oh… I saw BoA’s doppelganger. Like seriously O M G! She was walking out of Subang Parade. I passed her by. Then I went get a power cable for my camera. When I was going home, she was walking back. OMG! I saw her and went into hiding. With a closer look, she isn’t BoA. How can BoA be in Subang Parade? I am not crazy. Stop!! Just stawwwp!!

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