Op Morgan Year 1 Day 24

I have been taking my protein shakes and BCAA for a week. There is already results and I guess if I train for the next 3 years like this, something is bound to happen.

I am now with Dr Wii working at a Coffea Coffee. The place is loud. Everyone seems to be talking a lot. The prices here are exorbitant. But still tons of people come. The interior is lovely. I will come here maybe once or twice a month. There are better seating areas. But they are taken.

Today was extremely productive. The work was more like play. I tell myself I will write 10 words for the day. When I start writing, I find it exciting. So I write and in the end, I write not 10 words, but 500. Things that you can do to trick yourself to work. I guess I know how to work now. After 5 years of working but not working, I found out the trick. I hope I am not too late.

Tomorrow is Sunday. I am going to work on Sundays too. Maybe one day when I make it, I won’t have to. Or I will continue doing so, because I am so excited about work. I wanted to bring my MacBook to fix tomorrow. But I have church and I don’t really know how to fit the trip to fix. I still have to go to the gym too. So I guess fixing tomorrow. :(((

It’s a Sunday and I should rest. Even though I say I have a lot of time to make, B is gone and the B dream is dead, I still continue working like mad, or even more than before.

Funny… didn’t I say I have forgotten the B dream and take it easy? Don’t think. Just get to work!

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