Op Morgan Year 1 Day 26 (Monday)


Crap! Slept 9 hours today. I did my math. I can only sleep 4 hours a day from Tuesday onwards. I will do my best. I will do what I can. Just don’t beat myself up if the standard is not met. I know I must not give excuses. But I will not beat myself up and think that it will help.

Today I clocked in 10 hours of work. Real work actually. At least 90% efficient. Am trying to get as close to 100% as possible.

Went for my first Zumba class. Stayed 30 minutes and got out of there due to exhaustion.

2 hours of exercise and I hit a Rainbow trophy. That is triple the daily goal of 6000 NikeFuel points. I didn’t know I could get that many points. I did. That makes 20,000 points not that scary a goal. The highest trophy of the Nike FuelBand.

It’s 1AM on Day 27 now writing this post for Day 26. The Reading Room downstairs is swell. There are people there too. I won’t be that lonely then. Zali is well and his baby is growing up well. Thank God.

Day 26 was productive and I’m starting Day 27 with lots of hope.

Thanks for reading. God bless.

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