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Op Morgan Year 1 Day 27

Yesterday’s Rainbow trophy was a fluke. It got taken back and replaced with a 3000+ NikeFuel points. I don’t want to be a fluke. Live in the world where I may seem like a king. But in reality, I am just a slave. I have worked out the time to get to rainbow. I need at least 6 hours of exercise to reach that level. Supernova is at 8 hours. Probably going to hit Rainbow and SuperNova once a week. But for now, I am aiming for Ice. Which is 4000 NikeFuel Points. About 3 hours of exercise time.

2 days of work has hit 15.8 hours. Averaging 8 hours a day. Not to panic. Keep moving up till I hit 18.5 which is the highest. I can go higher and higher till 20 a day. Let’s do this!!!

I am seeing Miss Nithya tomorrow. Going to school early by bus. It’s going to be a wonderfuL Wednesday.

Today was great to spend time with mom. Work starts at 12AM on Wednesday.

GAME ON!! Or what B would say… BRING IT!

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