A New Site Underway

Hello everybody!

I have decided to abandon this site as I am working on a brand new one with a new name and daily updates happening then.

Sorry that this blog has been a disappointment.

I have decided to change my name back to Victor Oh, instead of Victor John Oh.  Sounds simple and clean. A classmate loves Victor Oh more than Victor John Oh too. So I am changing it.

As for daily updates, I will continue to post here, till the other site is up and running before migrating.

Looking forward to the days ahead.

Thanks for reading. God bless.

Yours sincerely,


Black grunge rubber stamp with the text I'm back written inside the stamp

I’m Back!

It’s been awhile since I updated my blog. I’m sorry that I abandoned you Mr. Blog. It was not of my intention to neglect you for so long. But I am back anyway, and I hope you will be kind enough to forgive for this absence of mine.

I have been through a lot these past few months. I lost friends, knocked into a motorbike coming in the opposite direction resulting in a visit to the police station, went to Singapore for a holiday and ending a disastrous semester 2.

I have a lot of plans for you Mr. Blog. I have 5 projects running and some of the projects related to you.

So Mr. Blog, I am back, and I will be talking to you more often. I hope you are happy about it.


With love,

Victor John Oh

Clock with many tools around it as symbol for worker appointment

Op 48

I am now in the 24/7 Study Room of Taylor’s University. My intention is to finish up all the work before I head home. That means staying on campus until 10 PM tonight. It is 3:49 AM in the morning. I don’t feel any forms of fatigue at the moment.

I have emailed and Whatsapped my professors to get input as to how I should proceed with my assignments. The replies won’t be coming in till 9 AM tomorrow. So I have some time to work on this blog post and do some reading.

10 AM today, I have a counseling session that runs for an hour. I’m scheduling the sessions to be weekly. Miss Nithya, who is my counselor, is making sure that I stay on track with my goals. She said she doesn’t make the decisions, and everything is up to me to do. I guess she is just trying to tell me that if I fail, it is not her fault.

By 11 AM, I am heading to the gym. Put in the steps and finish up the 10,000 steps before 12 PM.

12 PM Have lunch and head to the library. That is just under 9 hours of work at the library. I’m going finish up the RM assignment.

I’m getting home at 10 PM and putting in 12 hours of sleep.

On Thursday, when I wake up, it’s going to be 10 AM. Drive to university and continue the fight. I’m expecting to see my professor from 2 PM to 6 PM this day. Hopefully, I get some feedback that will help me get the grade I desire.

On Friday, a group of 4 of us are heading to watch Captain America.

On Saturday, finish up the ACT assignment in 18 hours. Send it in by Monday for evaluation.

On Sunday, I can take a break.

On Monday, the craziness starts again. All work should be done by Tuesday and I can work on project 4ever and an idea that 5 of us classmates are joining forces to work out. Stay tuned.

Op48 is for me to stay awake for 48 hours straight.

Now I think, it just means finishing work by Saturday night.

Grade A

BREAKING NEWS: A for Assignment 3

The results for RM just showed up in my mailbox. Panic attack!!!

Opened it up. Got 16 out of 20! I am not relieved!!! I have to do extremely well on my last assignment to get an A.

I flunked my 1st assignment. Now… I need to concentrate all my energy on the last assignment in hopes that I can pull those marks up!!!

Op Suntuk has now been extended until May 6th instead of May 3rd. Draft to send in by Monday Math 2nd.

Businessman running success at the finish line vector

Final Push

Today is the last class of Research Methodology. Our final assignment deadline is next Friday. Coupled with the Advanced Research Methodology last assignment the following Monday, this will end my semester 1 in Taylor’s.

What is most crucial and nerve wrecking is that the last assignment carries 40 percent of our marks. The rest were just half of this. So we have to do whatever we can do to get as many marks as we can. That is so we can move on to the next semester without having to repeat our subjects.

This is my plan:

Give myself one week to finish up the work. Seven days to conclude this semester 1 assignments for me. So that I can put my energy into other stuff. There is a whole bunch of things to do for Project 4ever. So I have to make haste to get all the work done and move on!

This operation will be named Op Suntuk (Malay: Little time).

Brain stressed

Week 10 OTW

I’ve been absent from this blog for the past few days and I have a good reason for it. I’m rushing assignments. Nothing other than assignments. It’s just something I have to do well. Or else, I won’t be getting good grades for this course.

This week is Week 10. Another 3 more weeks and semester 1 will be over. It didn’t seem like such a long 10 weeks. Just zipped by so fast, I barely had any time to do any thing else other than assignments. For as long as I can remember, 90% of the time I was doing my assignments.

Today is Sunday. I am still working at 2AM in the morning, trying to finish up an assignment draft for my Research Meth0dology subject. It’s not like it is torture. I love the work. I truly do. If you have some kind of device to see my heart, you’d see it how happy I am doing my work.

I got to do real work now.


apple watch

Living with the Apple Watch

I love the Apple Watch. That goes for every single Apple fan out there. Of course, every single one of us will have our frustrations and disappointments. But I guess, we just have to learn to live with the bad and appreciate the good even more.

It’s been a year since I bought the Apple Watch. The 1st day was hell. I found the Watch having loading problems and till this day, my day countdown still does not work. But I was clever enough to know how to fix the problem. The solution is to open the app on your iPhone before opening the app on the Watch. Defeats the purpose. But that is just how it works.

So far, the cheapest Watch of the lot has made working a joy. I get notifications from Whatsapp, Messages app and UP app. My Watch alerts me when to take breaks and stand up when I have sat for too long a period. It tracks my steps and helps me with timekeeping. DUH! The calendar also helps me with tracking my events of the day. I can’t forget the alarms that I set to eat and sleep.

The Apple Watch has been adding different types of bands that make it so exciting to be able to just change them to make the watch a new one again. After a year, I bought a new Royal Blue Nylon band that just launched a few weeks ago from the online Apple Store. I’m loving it, thought it would be nice if the band was a little broader.

Why do I say that I am frustrated at times? It’s because the apps are still really buggy. So, in order to keep my cool and not feel that way, I just don’t use them that much. That’s the only solution as I can’t possibly fix the bugs myself…

The Apple Watch is a key tool in my productivity and time management. Today, I can’t live without it.


The Jungle Book (2016) Review

Everybody would probably remember the Jungle Book made by Disney. Or rather not. For me, I watched it as a kid when I couldn’t remember anything I saw on the TV or movie screen. Whoever is in this category probably will enjoy this movie more. Why is that so? That’s because I feel that we are getting a fresh experience and take of the movie with no preconception. That ruined my Star Wars Episode 7 experience.

As most of you know, Disney has been remaking the classics from animation to what they call live acti0n movies. We had Maleficient and Cinderella made. This time around, it is the Jungle Book.

What is most impressive in this movie is the CGI and technology that exists today have made the experience so real, you feel that the animals are life like and that they really do talk. Kids would probably be talking to their pets and wish that they’d be able to talk back. So parents would probably have a hard time explaining to them the reality of things. But I guess that isn’t really that serious a matter.

Let’s get down to business.

Jungle Book is the tale of a journey taken by Mowgli to go back to his own kind. He was raised by a pack of wolves and when his life is being threatened by the tiger, Shere Khan, he has no choice but to travel back to his human family. How was the movie??? In ways, the movie imparts wisdom to the young about perseverence and about belonging. The dialogue is engaging and moving in ways that I believe only adults would understand. This is to say that Disney movies always have things that adults would enjoy together with the kids. Even though the kids would not really understand it, I feel that it has a good impression on the subconscious and that kids will get the messages subliminally.

Like every other Disney movie, you have got to love it and I will give the movie a 10 out of 10.


Colorful sunset scenery in rural landscape with a bench and a path in the foreground gold fields and dramatic vivid sky in the background

I Can Feel the Force

Dearest beloved readers wherever you are,

I am very much pleased to announce that this blog will be updated daily. I am still trying to piece together this website consisting of various things like my YA stuff, author page, writing tips, book reviews, social media links and all the exciting things I love including music and movies. If I have the time, I will blog about current news and what I am passionate about, especially news about Apple, Malaysia, the environment and things Korean and American.

Please excuse my links which aren’t fully functional yet. So please do not explore the website at this moment. I hope that I can fill this up to the brim with all the links working by the time my semester break hits. That will be in the month of May. My official launch date is my birthday. June 19th.

It is week 9 of my semester 1 in Taylor’s. So far, I’m loving the assignments, the lectures and most of all, the people and lecturers that I’ve come to love as friends, male or female. Working by myself and not having any contact with human beings for the past 3-4 years have made me into a rather anti-social person. When Mr. Teoh started working with me a year or 2 back,  I figured that I function best when I get to interact with people and not just the computer. Yes, I see the Starbucks barista or the security guards in my condo. But that doesn’t count. I go to the Taylor’s University graduate resource room to work at night in hopes that I will be able to work with someone there. But I still find myself alone. I guess it isn’t a bad thing.

I started a writer’s group on Meetup right after coming back from Canada, and while I was working with Mr. Teoh as my intern, I met DW. She shared a lot of her past with me, and we worked on a poetry project. But it didn’t end well, making us total strangers again. I did learn one thing from this. That attraction can happen when you start giving a part of yourself to another. You see…there was this feeling of longing to be with the person. I am not talking about biological functions like mating, but a longing to see the person when she is not around. I, of course, kept my cool and held back the feelings because I sensed that something was not right. Awhile back, I went for a Catholic camp and the speaker told us that he did not want to work with females too much. I understand where he is coming from. I do understand perfectly. There is this attachment that happens when two people of different genders work together closely. Like how Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie ended up together. A lot of actors end up together because of their movie projects. I do understand why. The Meetup group eventually died a natural death as I didn’t want to pay for the admin fees any more.

There is a mystery going on in which I do not wish to elaborate. I do see signs and wish that I am not psychotic. That I am sane, rational and totally in touch with reality. But something tells me otherwise. I continue to hope and live each and every single moment in the present, knowing that God’s timing is always perfect. That whatever mystery it is out there is just going to be clear one day. I will not wait for that to happen. I am living in the moment, that is the now.

It is my wish that I will be sharing more about life, studies, work, God and all the wonderful things that make up a good read.

If you do fall asleep, I guess I make a good sleeping pill.

God Bless.

p.s. If there are any grammar mistakes, please excuse me. I am still working on it. Thanks for your understanding.

Step By Step card isolated on white background

Step 1 to Writing a Novel

I got to read all these books about writing!!?!?!?! I got to do all these research!?!?! I got to read the books in my genre!?!?! Then I got to write the book. I don’t even know what to write yet!?!?! I have so little time to make it. I am so scared that my grammar is bad that I can’t breathe!!!!



FIRST AND FOREMOST, DO NOT PANIC!!! AND STOP TELLING ME WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO WRITE A BOOK! It’s like telling me you need to study every day to finish first grade and listing down everything you need to do for the next 12 years till you graduate!!! STAWWWP!!!

So what do I do??? Chill all day and my book will just write itself???


So what do I do now??? What is my first step…

Your first step my young padawan, is to calm down!! That’s the first step. Gather up some confidence. Talk to your best friend or your mom, if you don’t have one. Then… just stay calm.

Step 1. Stay calm. If you can’t do that, we are not going to step 2.