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Op Morgan Year 1 Day 27

Yesterday’s Rainbow trophy was a fluke. It got taken back and replaced with a 3000+ NikeFuel points. I don’t want to be a fluke. Live in the world where I may seem like a king. But in reality, I am just a slave. I have worked out the time to get to rainbow. I need at least 6 hours of exercise to reach that level. Supernova is at 8 hours. Probably going to hit Rainbow and SuperNova once a week. But for now, I am aiming for Ice. Which is 4000 NikeFuel Points. About 3 hours of exercise time.

2 days of work has hit 15.8 hours. Averaging 8 hours a day. Not to panic. Keep moving up till I hit 18.5 which is the highest. I can go higher and higher till 20 a day. Let’s do this!!!

I am seeing Miss Nithya tomorrow. Going to school early by bus. It’s going to be a wonderfuL Wednesday.

Today was great to spend time with mom. Work starts at 12AM on Wednesday.

GAME ON!! Or what B would say… BRING IT!


Op Morgan Year 1 Day 26 (Monday)


Crap! Slept 9 hours today. I did my math. I can only sleep 4 hours a day from Tuesday onwards. I will do my best. I will do what I can. Just don’t beat myself up if the standard is not met. I know I must not give excuses. But I will not beat myself up and think that it will help.

Today I clocked in 10 hours of work. Real work actually. At least 90% efficient. Am trying to get as close to 100% as possible.

Went for my first Zumba class. Stayed 30 minutes and got out of there due to exhaustion.

2 hours of exercise and I hit a Rainbow trophy. That is triple the daily goal of 6000 NikeFuel points. I didn’t know I could get that many points. I did. That makes 20,000 points not that scary a goal. The highest trophy of the Nike FuelBand.

It’s 1AM on Day 27 now writing this post for Day 26. The Reading Room downstairs is swell. There are people there too. I won’t be that lonely then. Zali is well and his baby is growing up well. Thank God.

Day 26 was productive and I’m starting Day 27 with lots of hope.

Thanks for reading. God bless.

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Op Morgan Year 1 Day 25 (Sunday)

This day was as great as I hoped it would be. Got up and brought my MacBook for service. The camera is busted and the screen has problems. Though I didn’t seem to notice the screen problem, they said it can be fixed. Coating issues.

I was able to go to church with the LRT  (train) today. It’s my first time visiting a church by train and I’m very grateful for that. I’ll be going to church by train now every week.

Day 26 marks the beginning of Project Great Balls of Fire. That is all I want to say for now. End date is February 14 2017. As the days pass, it will be slowly revealed what’s up with that project.

I’m going to be very happy when the Project is over. Then I can start a new project. Start again.

Op Morgan Year 1 Day 24

I have been taking my protein shakes and BCAA for a week. There is already results and I guess if I train for the next 3 years like this, something is bound to happen.

I am now with Dr Wii working at a Coffea Coffee. The place is loud. Everyone seems to be talking a lot. The prices here are exorbitant. But still tons of people come. The interior is lovely. I will come here maybe once or twice a month. There are better seating areas. But they are taken.

Today was extremely productive. The work was more like play. I tell myself I will write 10 words for the day. When I start writing, I find it exciting. So I write and in the end, I write not 10 words, but 500. Things that you can do to trick yourself to work. I guess I know how to work now. After 5 years of working but not working, I found out the trick. I hope I am not too late.

Tomorrow is Sunday. I am going to work on Sundays too. Maybe one day when I make it, I won’t have to. Or I will continue doing so, because I am so excited about work. I wanted to bring my MacBook to fix tomorrow. But I have church and I don’t really know how to fit the trip to fix. I still have to go to the gym too. So I guess fixing tomorrow. :(((

It’s a Sunday and I should rest. Even though I say I have a lot of time to make, B is gone and the B dream is dead, I still continue working like mad, or even more than before.

Funny… didn’t I say I have forgotten the B dream and take it easy? Don’t think. Just get to work!

Op Morgan Year 1 Day 23

I am at the gym. I love it here. Somehow, I am going to love it even more. This is the hangout place for the rest of the year. It has AC. Has free drinks and Internet. I think I cannot ask for more.

Zali at 6PM.

Tonight, I am sleeping early as I have been asked to do wardening tomorrow at church. I have been rostered as a regular. It helps C and that is all I can do.

Loving life. Loving work. If I want to sleep, all I got to to do is take my meds. That will knock me out cold.

I just started using SnapChat. My username is voh81.

Op Morgan Year 1 Day 22

I have got to prioritize as there is too much to do for the next 15 days before the Book Club event. Prepping the basics for 2 launches and 1 preview. BFF has said that he cannot make it. But that’s fine. He has work and I can’t ask too much from him. But he better owe me.

I have worked 18 hours yesterday and continue to stay on course to do so for the whole of this month. I am very happy with my progress and think that if I continue on this streak, I can possibly move mountains.

On Thursday, everywhere I looked was an attractive woman. I have got to keep my defenses and walls as high as I can. I don’t know what am I waiting for. My next life maybe. When I am not a writer living a lonely and reclusive life. Mom was mad when I said I am not going to see anyone but work. Sorry mom. I am just doing it for my own good. Too busy to be in a relationsip. Too busy to think about anything related to females.

Not going to chase money or girls from now on.

I’m done.

Day 23 12:25AM Update

I did everything on the to do list yesterday and didn’t pile anything else on it. So I had quite some free time. I barely know what I did, other than tweet, go walk around. Oh… I saw BoA’s doppelganger. Like seriously O M G! She was walking out of Subang Parade. I passed her by. Then I went get a power cable for my camera. When I was going home, she was walking back. OMG! I saw her and went into hiding. With a closer look, she isn’t BoA. How can BoA be in Subang Parade? I am not crazy. Stop!! Just stawwwp!!

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I’m Back!

It’s been awhile since I updated my blog. I’m sorry that I abandoned you Mr. Blog. It was not of my intention to neglect you for so long. But I am back anyway, and I hope you will be kind enough to forgive for this absence of mine.

I have been through a lot these past few months. I lost friends, knocked into a motorbike coming in the opposite direction resulting in a visit to the police station, went to Singapore for a holiday and ending a disastrous semester 2.

I have a lot of plans for you Mr. Blog. I have 5 projects running and some of the projects related to you.

So Mr. Blog, I am back, and I will be talking to you more often. I hope you are happy about it.


With love,

Victor John Oh

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Op 48

I am now in the 24/7 Study Room of Taylor’s University. My intention is to finish up all the work before I head home. That means staying on campus until 10 PM tonight. It is 3:49 AM in the morning. I don’t feel any forms of fatigue at the moment.

I have emailed and Whatsapped my professors to get input as to how I should proceed with my assignments. The replies won’t be coming in till 9 AM tomorrow. So I have some time to work on this blog post and do some reading.

10 AM today, I have a counseling session that runs for an hour. I’m scheduling the sessions to be weekly. Miss Nithya, who is my counselor, is making sure that I stay on track with my goals. She said she doesn’t make the decisions, and everything is up to me to do. I guess she is just trying to tell me that if I fail, it is not her fault.

By 11 AM, I am heading to the gym. Put in the steps and finish up the 10,000 steps before 12 PM.

12 PM Have lunch and head to the library. That is just under 9 hours of work at the library. I’m going finish up the RM assignment.

I’m getting home at 10 PM and putting in 12 hours of sleep.

On Thursday, when I wake up, it’s going to be 10 AM. Drive to university and continue the fight. I’m expecting to see my professor from 2 PM to 6 PM this day. Hopefully, I get some feedback that will help me get the grade I desire.

On Friday, a group of 4 of us are heading to watch Captain America.

On Saturday, finish up the ACT assignment in 18 hours. Send it in by Monday for evaluation.

On Sunday, I can take a break.

On Monday, the craziness starts again. All work should be done by Tuesday and I can work on project 4ever and an idea that 5 of us classmates are joining forces to work out. Stay tuned.

Op48 is for me to stay awake for 48 hours straight.

Now I think, it just means finishing work by Saturday night.

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I Can Feel the Force

Dearest beloved readers wherever you are,

I am very much pleased to announce that this blog will be updated daily. I am still trying to piece together this website consisting of various things like my YA stuff, author page, writing tips, book reviews, social media links and all the exciting things I love including music and movies. If I have the time, I will blog about current news and what I am passionate about, especially news about Apple, Malaysia, the environment and things Korean and American.

Please excuse my links which aren’t fully functional yet. So please do not explore the website at this moment. I hope that I can fill this up to the brim with all the links working by the time my semester break hits. That will be in the month of May. My official launch date is my birthday. June 19th.

It is week 9 of my semester 1 in Taylor’s. So far, I’m loving the assignments, the lectures and most of all, the people and lecturers that I’ve come to love as friends, male or female. Working by myself and not having any contact with human beings for the past 3-4 years have made me into a rather anti-social person. When Mr. Teoh started working with me a year or 2 back,  I figured that I function best when I get to interact with people and not just the computer. Yes, I see the Starbucks barista or the security guards in my condo. But that doesn’t count. I go to the Taylor’s University graduate resource room to work at night in hopes that I will be able to work with someone there. But I still find myself alone. I guess it isn’t a bad thing.

I started a writer’s group on Meetup right after coming back from Canada, and while I was working with Mr. Teoh as my intern, I met DW. She shared a lot of her past with me, and we worked on a poetry project. But it didn’t end well, making us total strangers again. I did learn one thing from this. That attraction can happen when you start giving a part of yourself to another. You see…there was this feeling of longing to be with the person. I am not talking about biological functions like mating, but a longing to see the person when she is not around. I, of course, kept my cool and held back the feelings because I sensed that something was not right. Awhile back, I went for a Catholic camp and the speaker told us that he did not want to work with females too much. I understand where he is coming from. I do understand perfectly. There is this attachment that happens when two people of different genders work together closely. Like how Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie ended up together. A lot of actors end up together because of their movie projects. I do understand why. The Meetup group eventually died a natural death as I didn’t want to pay for the admin fees any more.

There is a mystery going on in which I do not wish to elaborate. I do see signs and wish that I am not psychotic. That I am sane, rational and totally in touch with reality. But something tells me otherwise. I continue to hope and live each and every single moment in the present, knowing that God’s timing is always perfect. That whatever mystery it is out there is just going to be clear one day. I will not wait for that to happen. I am living in the moment, that is the now.

It is my wish that I will be sharing more about life, studies, work, God and all the wonderful things that make up a good read.

If you do fall asleep, I guess I make a good sleeping pill.

God Bless.

p.s. If there are any grammar mistakes, please excuse me. I am still working on it. Thanks for your understanding.

Hikers climbing on rock, mountain at sunset, one of them giving

A Little Talk

I met up with my classmate tonight, talking about the writing life and things related to it. After talking to her, it was better than calling Befrienders or visiting the Counselling unit. I got everything worked out just by talking to her.

This is amazing.

After 2 weeks of being in the dumpster, thinking how miserable life is, contemplating suicide and telling myself how bad life is and that there is not hope. After countless hours trying to dream my life away, sleeping and sleeping and sleeping… my mojo is back!!!

That bastard tried to take money from me before starting work. He’ll take my money and run!! I can guarantee you that will happen. He kept cutting working days. Then working hours. It was bound to happen. At least I was smart enough to try and pay him by the hour.

Why should I even care about the bastard any more.

I am moving on!!!

Yes… I had all my hopes that as a team, we could do wonders.

But being a one man band isn’t that bad after all.

I just have to keep hoping and THINK POSITIVE.


did I mention I have to put in some work???