Soldier shooting with his weapon, rifle at sunset. War, army, military.

Op Morgan Day 40 (Monday)

I totally screwed up my Saturday presentation and I’m not looking back. Not 1 family member liked my┬ápart of the novel I posted up on the Facebook Page. This just means one thing. War.

The war is the war with self.

I have to survive these few months from now till September 2017 and beyond.

Enough said.

Let’s get out there and fight!

Without training? Are you crazy? You’ll die.


Op Morgan Year 1 Day 26 (Monday)


Crap! Slept 9 hours today. I did my math. I can only sleep 4 hours a day from Tuesday onwards. I will do my best. I will do what I can. Just don’t beat myself up if the standard is not met. I know I must not give excuses. But I will not beat myself up and think that it will help.

Today I clocked in 10 hours of work. Real work actually. At least 90% efficient. Am trying to get as close to 100% as possible.

Went for my first Zumba class. Stayed 30 minutes and got out of there due to exhaustion.

2 hours of exercise and I hit a Rainbow trophy. That is triple the daily goal of 6000 NikeFuel points. I didn’t know I could get that many points. I did. That makes 20,000 points not that scary a goal. The highest trophy of the Nike FuelBand.

It’s 1AM on Day 27 now writing this post for Day 26. The Reading Room downstairs is swell. There are people there too. I won’t be that lonely then. Zali is well and his baby is growing up well. Thank God.

Day 26 was productive and I’m starting Day 27 with lots of hope.

Thanks for reading. God bless.

OP Morgan Year 1 Day 21

It’s a beautiful day in my dream world. The outside is not so beautiful, raining away. But still, it is a good day. I have shelter. Am dry and safe. Food in the fridge. Water to drink. Friends Season 1 on TV. Like I said… it is a good day. Maybe even perfect.

Today Operation iAmPossible Day 2. There’s so much to do. Slept 1-hour last night and super awake. I better get some work done like now and report again tomorrow.

Better cut this blog post short and get back to work.

Op Morgan Year 1 Day 20


After 12+ hours of sleep, dreaming of a MacBook that was falling apart and Mr. Choot was in it too, I finally got up. Today, I remembered to have lunch and was offered a Red Velvet cake. That turned out to cost me a bomb. Never again.

I am beginning my work with this post as warm up.

The Taylor’s Book Club event is taking place on October the 22nd. About 16 days left till the event. I am doing a lot of things for launch. Of course, I’ll keep everything a secret until that day. Nobody knows what is going to happen. That is the awesome part. Nobody knows. Skin has been flaking like mad after doing some planning during lunch. I think it is a good sign. At least I know I am pushing myself.



Still trying to keep myself calm enough that I don’t panic and go amok, like the Home Alone kid.

Mindfulness. Breathe Neo. Breathe!!!


OpMorgan Year 1 Day 19

Last night, I came in contact with evangelists. They were very nice and good people that think of my salvation. To try and recruit me and join their church so that I can be saved. These people are a blessing to us all and I admire their courage to go out and save as many people as they can. I still have my own beliefs and though it may seem that I haven’t been saved, I do pray that I will continue to be a force for good. That I too will somehow do something like them, to make the world a better place.

I am crazy. The delusions have returned watching Jimmy Fallon. I think I have been through hell the past few weeks, that somehow my brain has activated its ability to try and make me feel a lot better. My situation is so bad, that my brain has created things that seem real to me. I hear guests talking about me and giving me messages. But I do know what is real and what is not. It put me on meds 16 years ago, when watching David Letterman. It is happening again. I stopped watching Jimmy Fallon for a few months now because I fear I’d hear things related to me. Last Saturday, I turned on Jimmy Fallon and the messages were more real than ever.

I have work to do and if I need to get my brain put it into overdrive, I just have to turn on Jimmy Fallon. If the messages are still there, it will kick my brain into that state.

I know what is real and what is not. Even if it is real, it doesn’t mean a thing. Other than the fact that I am a joke.

A New Site Underway

Hello everybody!

I have decided to abandon this site as I am working on a brand new one with a new name and daily updates happening then.

Sorry that this blog has been a disappointment.

I have decided to change my name back to Victor Oh, instead of Victor John Oh.  Sounds simple and clean. A classmate loves Victor Oh more than Victor John Oh too. So I am changing it.

As for daily updates, I will continue to post here, till the other site is up and running before migrating.

Looking forward to the days ahead.

Thanks for reading. God bless.

Yours sincerely,


Grade A

BREAKING NEWS: A for Assignment 3

The results for RM just showed up in my mailbox. Panic attack!!!

Opened it up. Got 16 out of 20! I am not relieved!!! I have to do extremely well on my last assignment to get an A.

I flunked my 1st assignment. Now… I need to concentrate all my energy on the last assignment in hopes that I can pull those marks up!!!

Op Suntuk has now been extended until May 6th instead of May 3rd. Draft to send in by Monday Math 2nd.

Businessman running success at the finish line vector

Final Push

Today is the last class of Research Methodology. Our final assignment deadline is next Friday. Coupled with the Advanced Research Methodology last assignment the following Monday, this will end my semester 1 in Taylor’s.

What is most crucial and nerve wrecking is that the last assignment carries 40 percent of our marks. The rest were just half of this. So we have to do whatever we can do to get as many marks as we can. That is so we can move on to the next semester without having to repeat our subjects.

This is my plan:

Give myself one week to finish up the work. Seven days to conclude this semester 1 assignments for me. So that I can put my energy into other stuff. There is a whole bunch of things to do for Project 4ever. So I have to make haste to get all the work done and move on!

This operation will be named Op Suntuk (Malay: Little time).

Brain stressed

Week 10 OTW

I’ve been absent from this blog for the past few days and I have a good reason for it. I’m rushing assignments. Nothing other than assignments. It’s just something I have to do well. Or else, I won’t be getting good grades for this course.

This week is Week 10. Another 3 more weeks and semester 1 will be over. It didn’t seem like such a long 10 weeks. Just zipped by so fast, I barely had any time to do any thing else other than assignments. For as long as I can remember, 90% of the time I was doing my assignments.

Today is Sunday. I am still working at 2AM in the morning, trying to finish up an assignment draft for my Research Meth0dology subject. It’s not like it is torture. I love the work. I truly do. If you have some kind of device to see my heart, you’d see it how happy I am doing my work.

I got to do real work now.